Impact Snap Device

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The Impact Snap Device is the only product that actually teaches you the three moves of an optimal release; left forearm supination, left wrist flexion and ulnar deviation that occurs in both hands. This is that same release that Tiger used when he once dominated. It will quickly and easily help you develop that bowed wrist impact position that you’ve been seeking for a long time. Get more distance and more accuracy with the Impact Snap Device.

How it works

The Impact Snap Device uses a tactile feel device along with a sliding weight that allows you to know when you’ve released. If done correctly, the touch device will hit your arm and alert you that you’ve done it right. If it misses your arm, you’ve probably flipped it. Over time, you’ll be able to build the right muscles and knowledge of the correct feeling for a good impact position. Plus you’ll be able to do this exercise at your home, office or just before you start a round of golf and it will help you train the correct muscles to attain the proper impact position.