Welcome to SSCGolfSwing.com!

SSC Golf is dedicated to researching the best golf swings in the world and introducing our findings to the public so everyone can improve their games. So if you’re tired of repainting your old VW bug and want to switch to a car with a Ferrari engine, you’ve come to the right place. 

Want to know the power secrets of the pros or long drive guys? Or are you interested in how the pros are so accurate? We’ve shot 1000’s of high speed videos that are being shared with everyone on tourgolfvideos.com and what we’re finding out is that there are very few secrets that can get past a high speed camera. The “secrets” are there to be learned if you’ll look deep enough. And we’ll help you to see them.

Also, we are committed to developing the best training aids to help golfers around the world hit the ball farther and straighter. We’ve got products to increase your speed and distance as well as learn to get that “bowed” wrist at impact like Tiger. And there’s always something cooking in the laboratory…… Rick Malm and I created SSCGolfSwing.com to share the secrets of the full swing we've discovered to help golfers improvearound the world.

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